New Post-Op Recovery Band Helps Breast Cancer Patients ‘Recover Strong’

DENVER, August 21, 2020 – The SHE REX™ post-op recovery band is making a big difference in recovery for breast cancer patients and shoulder surgeries. Invented by breast cancer survivor and Colorado business owner, Kelli Beckish, the SHE REX™ band allows women and men to recover comfortably by creating a limited range of motion.


The band limits painful motions during post-op recovery for:

  • Mastectomies, Breast Augmentations
  • Heart and Chest Surgeries
  • Shoulder Surgeries





About SHE REX™

After a double mastectomy Kelli Beckish was given the same post op instructions as other patients, “Do not lift your arms over 90° and restrict your arm movements to small, ‘T-Rex’ motions.”


Being a busy mother of four and a company owner, this was easier said than done. Kelli, a product engineer at heart and President of one of Colorado’s fastest growing manufacturing companies, went to work designing something that would comfortably help limit painful arm movements. The simple but ingeniously designed SHE REX™ recovery band was the result.


Since it’s official launch in June of 2020, the SHE REX™ band has received recognition all over the world and is gaining momentum as an essential recovery product in the medical device industry for men and women.


To request images, samples or learn more about the current offering of SHE REX™ products, visit or contact SHE REX™ via email.





Media Contact:

Kelli Beckish, Owner SHE REX™
Katie Denney, Media Relations

(720) 446-5311