As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. After a double mastectomy Kelli Beckish was given the same post op instructions as other patients – do not lift arms over 90° and restrict your arm movements to small, "T-Rex" motions.

Being a busy mother of four and a company owner, this was easier said than done. So Kelli, a product engineer at heart, and President of one of Colorado’s fastest growing manufacturing companies, went to work designing something that would comfortably help limit her arm movement. The simple but ingeniously designed SHE REX™ recovery band is the result.

Made in the USA, the SHE REX™ band will give you the fighting chance you need to heal properly. Because every little bit helps.

In order to help more women recover strong, a portion of SHE REX™ proceeds will go to Polite Tumor, a non-profit organization providing financial assistance to women under 40 diagnosed with breast cancer.