Post-op Breast Recovery and Cancer Survivors share their #MySheRex Stories

I was ready to get back to “normal.”  - Kristy S.

I am 3 weeks post-op recovering from bilateral mastectomy and partial reconstruction. My diagnosis was stage one breast cancer. The She Rex was a huge help during my recovery. I am a stay at home mom with 3 kids and a 80 lb. dog. One of my children is 5 and still very much likes to cuddle and sit on my lap. Before surgery I was a mom that never sat down. I cooked every night, did the majority of the house work, and constantly found something to clean and organize. Resting was difficult for me. After the initial 1-2 weeks I was ready to get back to “normal.” My family was constantly warning me not to over do it. I used the She Rex to keep me from going overboard. I needed to do light house work, chores, and groom myself to feel like me again. I needed to hold and care for my youngest (without lifting of course). The SheRex would remind me not to go too far when reaching for things like a cup out of the cabinet for my 5 year old, or cooking a light meal, or folding a load of laundry. I feel fortunate that I did have the help of my family members and that my husband was able to be home during my recovery. However, I needed to be able to do things for myself for my emotional well being and healing. A cancer diagnosis can take your breath away. So much fear and uncertainty. Being able to feel somewhat normal makes a huge difference in recovery. I highly recommend this product.



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